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Assistive Technology: Organization/Task Management

Guide for assistive technology in the libraries, software available to students, and free or low cost tools

Organization and Task Management Tools

Assistive Technology can be used in or out of school to help you complete tasks more quickly, easily, or independently. The tools recommended on this page are available for free or at a low cost and support organization and task management. is a productivity app for Android, iOS, and web that helps users manage tasks, to-do lists, and schedules. Its features include creating and organizing tasks, scheduling reminders, setting recurring tasks, and sharing lists with team members. The app also integrates with popular apps and services and has a unique feature called the " Moment" for task prioritization.

Cost: Free and Premium

Compatibility: iOS; Mac; Android; Chrome Extension; Windows

More information:


Todoist can help students manage their tasks and projects efficiently.

Todoist offers a range of features such as creating and organizing tasks, setting reminders and due dates, prioritizing tasks, and collaborating with others. The app also integrates with various other tools and services such as Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Amazon Alexa.

Cost: Free; premium $4/month

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Online Resource; iOS; Android

More information: Todoist

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app available on the web, Android, and iOS. It allows users to create notes with text, images, and voice recordings and organize them with labels, colors, and reminders.

Users can also collaborate by sharing notes and lists, and save web pages and articles with the Google Keep Chrome Extension.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online Resource; Android; iOS

More information: Google Keep


Trello is a project management tool that can be used by students to manage their academic tasks and projects more efficiently. Students can create boards for each subject, add due dates and labels, organize tasks into lists, and collaborate with classmates.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Web application; iOS; Android

More information: Trello


Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a built-in note-taking app for iOS and Mac devices. It allows users to create and organize notes, lists, and sketches with rich text formatting and attachments.

Users can also collaborate with others, scan documents, and save web pages.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Online Resource; Mac; iOS

More information: Notes User Guide


Notion is a productivity tool that can be used by students to manage their academic tasks and projects efficiently.

They can create a dashboard, add tasks to a database, access templates, create a Kanban board, and collaborate with classmates.

Cost: Sign up for Notion using your Waubonsee student email for a free Education Plus Plan

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; iOS; Android

More information:

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