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Assistive Technology: Focus/Time Management

Guide for assistive technology in the libraries, software available to students, and free or low cost tools

Focus and Time Management Tools

Assistive Technology can be used in or out of school to help you complete tasks more quickly, easily, or independently. The tools recommended on this page are available for free or at a low cost and support focus and time management.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a productivity app that helps users block distracting websites and applications on their computers or mobile devices. It offers customizable blocklists, scheduling options, a Strict Mode to prevent disabling or modifying blocklists, and customizable settings.

Cost: Free and Pro

Compatibility: Windows; Mac

More information: Get Cold Turkey

focus booster

focus booster is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method that uses timed work intervals followed by short breaks.

With focus booster, users can set a work session length and a break length, and the app will guide them through each work session and break using a timer. The app also provides a visual representation of the remaining time in the work session or break, helping users stay aware of how much time is left.

focus booster also offers time tracking and reporting features, making it easier for users to identify areas where they can improve their productivity.

Cost: Free for starter; Professional: $5/month

Compatibility: Online Resource; Windows; Mac

More information: focus booster

Reader Mode

Reader Mode is a Chrome reading extension and web app that removes clutter, ads, and distractions and includes dyslexia support, read-it-later, highlighter, annotation, text-to-speech, citation generator, and many other features all in one tool.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Chrome Extension

More information: Reader Mode


Flora is a productivity app that uses the Pomodoro Technique to help users focus on their tasks and limit their smartphone usage. It guides users through timed work intervals and breaks and rewards them with virtual trees if they successfully complete a work session without using their phone. Flora also has social features and partners with Trees for the Future to encourage users to contribute to a good cause.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Compatibility: iOS

More information: Flora


Fokus is a browser extension/add-on that helps users stay focused by blocking distracting websites and applications and redirecting them to a customizable "focusing" page. The focusing page can include a motivational quote or message and a timer for the work session. After the work session is complete, the extension provides a report that shows how much time was spent on productive work versus distractions.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Chrome and Firefox Add-On

More information: Fokus



RescueTime is a tool that tracks and analyzes a user's digital habits to help them better understand and manage their time.

Students can use it to track time spent on different apps and websites, set goals and productivity targets, receive insights and recommendations, block distracting sites, and monitor progress over time. This can help students improve productivity, manage time effectively, and achieve academic goals.

Cost: Free for Lite version and $6.50/month for Premium

Compatibility: Windows; Mac; Chrome Extension; iOS; Android

More information: RescueTime

Have a recommendation?

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