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Assistive Technology: Overview

Guide for assistive technology in the libraries, software available to students, and free or low cost tools

About Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can help students access educational materials and achieve their academic goals. It can provide support for students with visual or hearing impairments, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities by enhancing their ability to interact with educational content, communicate with teachers and peers, and manage their academic tasks.

But assistive technology can benefit all students. Some examples include:

  • Text-to-speech software, which can help with proofreading and editing written work.
  • Speech-to-text software, which can aid in brainstorming and note-taking.
  • Time management apps, such as those that use the Pomodoro technique, that can help students stay focused and productive.
  • Mind mapping tools and organization apps, which students can use to keep track of a large amount of information.

Assistive technology available in the libraries


Patrons can access computers dedicated to users in need of assistive technologies (AT). These AT priority workstations feature: 

Assistive technology priority workstations are available at the Sugar Grove Todd Library, Aurora Downtown, and Aurora Fox Valley Libraries.

SARA® CE Text Reader

An easy-to-use device that scans books and/or documents and converts the text to speech.

The SARA® CE Text Reader is available at the Sugar Grove Todd Library.

Lifestyle HD Desktop Video Magnifier

The Lifestyle HD Desktop Video Magnifier lets people with low vision, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and cataracts read write and regain their visual independence. The video magnifier is ideal for assisting in reading newspapers, letters, and prescriptions, writing checks, and viewing photos and maps.


  • 24" LCD Screen for WIDE Screen Viewing
  • magnification from 4x to 70x
  • adjustable arm for easy height, tilt, and turn
  • simple easy-to-use focus and zoom controls
  • brightness and contrast controls for individual needs
Lifestyle HD Desktop Video Magnifiers are available at the Sugar Grove Todd Library, Aurora Downtown, and Aurora Fox Valley Libraries.

Kurzweil 3000

Kurzweil 3000 is an assistive technology software program available for free to all Waubonsee students.

It offers text-to-speech technology, study tools like dictionaries and highlighting, and a note-taking feature to help users comprehend and organize digital text.

More information: Kurzweil 3000 Guide

Microsoft Office 365

Waubonsee students are eligible for free Microsoft Office 365 accounts. To sign up:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Office 365 Education website: Office 365 for Education.
  2. Enter your student ( email address.
  3. Click the "Get Started" button and select "I'm a Student."

Have a recommendation?

If you would like to recommend assistive technology for the libraries, please contact Jessica Chrisman-DeNegri at