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Personal Pronouns @ Waubonsee: Overview

This guide highlights options for sharing your personal pronouns at Waubonsee Community College.

Personal Pronouns

What is a personal pronoun?

personal pronoun is a short word we use as a substitute for the proper name of a person.  they/them/theirs, she/her/hers, he/him/his or even zie/zir/zirs are all examples of personal pronouns. Someone’s pronouns inform us how to best refer to and honor them.

Personal Pronouns @ Waubonsee Community College

Waubonsee offers a number of methods to share your personal pronouns if you wish.  Remember, no one should feel required to share their pronouns if they do not wish to.

Waubonsee Systems that currently support Personal Pronouns:

Other Options:

Please explore this guide for instructions on how to utilize these options for sharing your personal pronouns.   If there are options that are missing, please let the maintainer of the guide know!

Library Technology Coordinator

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John Wohlers
He / Him / His
(630) 466-7900, ext. 2587