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Introduction to Library Research: Finding Books

New to the library? This guide will introduce you to the process of doing college library research.

Books provide thorough and detailed information about academic topics. Use the Library Catalog and our Ebook Search to identify books on a specific topic. 


Use books for in-depth content on topics you’re researching. Types of academic books:

 Comprehensive treatment of a subject, including background information and analysis. Example: 
Title: Caffeinated: How our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us
Author: Carpenter, Murray


The history of an issue or event. Example:
Title: Health care in America: a history
Author: Burnham, John C. 


 Analysis of statistics and previous research on a topic. Example:
Title: Juvenile justice sourcebook
Author: Church, Wesley T., editor

Library Catalog

Ebook Search

Finding Books at WCC

Search the Library Catalog or the E-book Search on the library web site ( to identify books and e-books in the WCC Libraries. 

Steps for finding books using the library catalog - for print books in the campus libraries:

  1. Keep your search simple. Enter basic terms for your topic. (example: energy drinks)
  2. Evaluate your results list. Examine the titles of the books listed on the first page of your results. Try different search terms if you want different or additional results. (example: student loans vs. college costs) Please contact a librarian if you would like some help with your search..
  3. Click on the title of an item in the list to display more detailed information, sometimes including a summary and chapter titles.
  4. If it is a print book, note at which campus it is located and copy the entire call number or use the "Text This to Me" tool. You can use the "Place Hold" tool to request that the book be held for you or delivered to a specific campus. 

Steps for finding E-books

  1. Use the Waubonsee Library E-book Search.
  2. Keep your search simple. Enter basic terms for your topic. (example: energy drinks)
  3. Click on the pdf icon or the the red "get full text" button to see the ebook. 

Finding More Books

Google Books

Google Book Search

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