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Newspapers: Overview

Guide to finding regional, national, international and historical newspaper sources.


Newspapers are a valuable type of material for research, and are used as both primary and secondary sources. The Waubonsee Library has numerous newspapers across a variety of time periods, from diverse perspectives, and in different formats.


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Common questions about newspapers

​Why use newspapers?

  • In-depth coverage of a particular country, state or city
  • Reporting on activities of state and local government
  • Eyewitness accounts of events
  • Editorial analysis of news and events
  • Up-to-date coverage of breaking news

Why use newspaper databases?

Most newspapers today have a website with current news, and most make it possible to search their archives of older issues. However, the Waubonsee libraries subscribe to a number of newspaper databases that offer advantages over searching newspapers directly on the Web:

  • Search more than one newspaper at the same time
  • Powerful keyword search engines
  • Deep historic news archives
  • Access to content that costs money on the Web
  • Find newspapers from a specific region or country

Why use newspaper websites?

  • Breaking news stories
  • Extra content such as blogs, info-graphics, videos, etc.
  • Access to newspapers that aren't in our Library databases