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LibGuides Integration Test: How To Add Content

Linking to Journals

  1. Look up the journal you would like to add to your LibGuide in the Waubonsee Library Catalog.  
  2. Click on the journal record to display the "Detail" dialog box. 
  3. Click the "Persistent Link" button and copy the URL from the catalog to your clipboard.
  4. Switch to LibGuides
  5. In the box you would like to add a link to a journal, click the "Add/Reorder" drop down.
  6. From the dropdown, select "Link", the Add Link dialog box will appear.
  7. In the "Link Name" field, type the name of the journal.
  8. In the "Link URL" field, paste the URL you copied from the catalog.
  9. Make sure "Use Proxy" has "No" checked.
  10. Fill in the "Description" and "More Info" fields if desired.  (Listing coverage dates is not recommended as the coverage for journals changes regularly and will not be maintained inside LibGuides. )
  11. At the top of the "Add Link" dialog box, click the "Subject Associations" tab.
  12. On the subject associations tab, select a subject this link is related to if applicable. 
  13. Click "Save" to add this journal to your LibGuide.