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Visitor Information: Overview

Use of Waubonsee's Libraries by Visitors and Community members.


Waubonsee Libraries welcome visitors and community members during regular business hours.  We offer a variety of services to visitors including: use of library space, use of computers for the Waubonsee book catalog and databases; and use of on-site resources and librarian assistance. Those who live in the Waubonsee Community College District #516 and are high school age or older, may apply to check out books with appropriate photo ID.

Visitors are encouraged to review the following policies before their first visit:

  • Computer Access
  • Community Borrowers
  • Wireless Access 
    1. Bring up the list of wireless networks on your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop). 
    2. Click on "WCC-Guest" and connect.
    3. Open your preferred Internet browser and you will be redirected to the Guest Portal.
    4. Read and accept the Terms of Use.
    5. Click the Login button and you will be connected to the Internet.
  • Printing (except from library databases), scanning, and photocopying are not available for visitors.

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